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The Continental VLE

The Continental School of Cairo will soon launch its own VLE, or Virtual Learning Environment. A Virtual Learning Environment is an online system that allows pupils access to school-related material from home or in school. As well as providing pupils with access to subject materials such as worksheets, revision notes, word documents, flipcharts (all of which can be opened, viewed or downloaded to their PC), it can also assist with organisation of their homework, enable collaboration on group projects, allow pupils to keep portfolios of important assessments, and keep track of information relating to individual learning plans.

Additionally, the VLE enables pupils to have access to elements of the curriculum in the event of school closures and pandemics, for instance.

Your child will be given an induction on using the VLE and will have been instructed to access it by typing in on their internet browser, and logging in with the username and password they have been issued with. If your child has lost or forgotten their password or user details, use the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the main login page; failing that, please see your schools co-coordinator for assistance.

As the VLE is essentially an extension of the school environment, your child will be informed that they should always be ready to show their accounts to staff and parents on request.

Most academic subjects are represented on the VLE, and staff may deposit materials that will assist or support learning. These could be digital copies of worksheets, word documents, spreadsheet, revision materials, or internet links and educational videos to assist with coursework, etc.

The VLE is not designed to contain all course materials or be a comprehensive bank of resources; if a pupil would like anything added to the VLE for their reference, they may ask the relevant teacher.

Although pupils cannot add or edit courses, they can access collaborative areas (projects) where they can share files and folders with other students they are working with for project work, for instance.

Of the many exciting features offered by the VLE, certain year groups will be assigned information about their set homework via the calendar function within the VLE. This does not replace the student planner system, but complements it by enabling pupils, parents and tutors to have a back-up reference.

Over the next year the quantity of material available through the VLE will increase. Important school notices and sports fixture information will gradually be available through this service. Parents wishing to access the VLE need to do so through their child’s login details.

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