We love sports


The sporting programme at the Continental School is rich and varied and provides many opportunities for students to participate in age appropriate sports and physical activities. School sports help promote fitness, prevent obesity and teach children how to cooperate, follow directions and work together as a team.

Good sportsmanship is an area where our children are also educated. In sports, many believe that the ultimate goal is to win but our team of experienced sport coaches and instructors engage the students in safe games and teach them that apart from winning, they should also enjoy the game and have as much fun as possible. 

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Students will have the opportunity to compete in teams among themselves and with other Schools. We offer a large number of sporting activities and a comprehensive House sports programme, through which students can compete against other Houses in the school.

We offer a variety of outdoor sports such as; Football, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Swimming, Running and Obstacles Jumping. Indoor sports include; Gymnastics, Table tennis, Martial Arts and Fitness.