Charity work at the Continental School

Raising funds for charities and sponsoring good causes are more than just important activities in the Continental School; in fact it is part of the school life. Encouraging children to get involved in the community and volunteering to help those who are less fortunate help them to develop a sense of gratitude and self-worth.

The value of doing charitable acts for others is tremendous, and children will feel a sense of pride when they know that their actions are making someone else's life happy.







Our students are always involved in the selection of the charity we decide to support and the cause, we as a whole school, work for. We do not always donate cash (although sometimes we do) but we normally buy the essential things that are needed to help in natural disasters, participate in a relief effort, improve a service, or to alleviate sufferings and possibly save lives.

Whenever possible, our students will visit the places we are helping and directly distribute the donations themselves.




In Ramadan, we often invite orphans to spend a day with us at school and have Iftar with our students. Entertainment and activities are arranged and followed by the distribution of new clothes and toys to each invited child. The smile we see on children’s faces as they leave makes this a very worthwhile activity.


Over the past few years, we have contributed to many causes such as:
  • Several government hospitals where we donated a number of incubators for their children’s intensive care units.
  • The Egyptian Red Crescent.
  • Donation of hundreds of mattresses and woolen blankets to homeless people in Dweka and flood victims elsewhere in Egypt.
  • Huge quantities of food supplies to the Food Bank as part of their convoy to help people in Ghaza.
  • Furniture, equipment, clothing, toys, food supplies and other essentials to many public and private children orphanages.

Our chosen cause this year is helping in the noble effort of Dr. Magdi Yacoub’s heart foundation (Children’s Heart Hospital) in Aswan. We hope to raise and donate a substantial amount to help the hospital in performing life-saving heart operations to underprivileged children free of charge.