Our Early Years School


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 The Early Years School is committed to ensuring that our youngest children embark on their learning journey with a sense of awe and wonder, in an environment where they feel safe, secure and excited to learn. Our strong home school relationships are fundamental in ensuring that all our children are happy, confident learners. 

A love of learning

In our Early Years School we lay the strongest foundations for the total development of each individual through a nurturing and child-centred approach. We cultivate a love of learning and an enchantment with books, language and self expression, as well as a genuine interest in numerical concepts by providing creative and integrated learning experiences in a stimulating environment where children feel valued, confident and independent. 

Programme of work in the CIS Lower School

The Foundation and Reception classes use the Foundation Stage curriculum and the Foundation Stage profile as outlined in the British Education System. 

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 The Foundation curriculum is divided into 6 separate areas of learning:

 • Knowledge and understanding of the world

 • Creative development (music, construction, role play)

 • Language and the concept of literacy

 • Numbers and the concept of mathematics

 • Personal, social and emotional development

 • Physical development


 In the Reception classes, a timetable of teacher-directed and curriculum-based activities focuses on:

 • Phonics and whole word reading.

 • A daily Literacy time based on whole class, group and individual activities.

 • Building language skills through books and literature, role play, rhymes and poetry.

 • Simple practical mathematics and mathematical ideas.

 • Physical Education.

 • Music

 • Library time


Emphasis on literacy and numeracy

As children progress from Foundation to Reception and subsequent years through Key Stage 1, emphasis is placed on the further acquisition of skills and understanding in literacy and numeracy. Learning is meaningful and field study trips extend classroom activities. Teaching strategies are varied according to the purpose of a task and the needs of each child. In our Infant School, we creatively nurture each individual and our teaching reflects our belief that happy and confident students learn most effectively. 

Outstanding resources

We are proud of the impressive resources that enrich the learning of our Early Years School students as they embark on the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 of the British National Curriculum. Custom-built classrooms with colourful displays of student work and state-of-the-art technologies are clustered around common teaching areas, computer suites, book areas and specialist facilities for creative play and first-hand experiences.

We have a dedicated Lower School Library, a health centre staffed by qualified full time doctor, fully equipped outdoor play areas and a shallow pool for the youngest students. The children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development is supported by our caring classroom teachers and their full-time teaching assistants as well as specialist teachers in music, languages and physical education. Learning support specialists provide assistance to children who need a little extra help.