Information for Parents

On behalf of the KG department, I wish to welcome all our students, mums and dads back after the summer holiday and give a big welcome to those parents and children who are joining us this year. We have great ideas and activities planned for a fun year in the lower school and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as your children will.

The first change that we would like to inform you of is that Miss Paula is now the acting Head of the Lower School. Miss Kirstie will still be very much involved with the running of the department, and supporting Ms Paula with her new responsibilities, and we wish her luck as she starts her new position.

Birthday Parties

We have a lot of children in the lower school, so it is impossible to celebrate each child’s birthday on their actual date of birth. We therefore have two birthday celebrations each month; the first for children in preschool, Foundation and KG1, and the second for Reception and KG2 children.

What do I do if I want to have a birthday party at school?

First, you need to let us know that you will be coming, by writing us a little note in the link book, so we can book a table for the class. Then you can come along on the day of the party with a cake, drinks, disposable plates, cups, spoons or forks, etc. and enjoy yourselves with your son/daughter. Birthday parties will start at around 1:30pm, and finish at 2:15 pm.


On most months, we run a competition for the children to complete at home and bring into school to display. The competition is usually creative based, so you can get messy messy messy with your kids. As soon as you know what you have to do, get your scissors, glue and colours out and start working with your child/ren. We would like to stress that the competitions are for you to work on together with your child, and we like to see plenty of child input….so don’t get carried away with too much colouring mums and dads. This month we have a ‘Design a jungle scene’ for our competition. You may help your child make the scene from any kinds of materials, and enthusiastic children may even want to try a 3D scene …why not stick some jungle animals on.

Occasions and events

We like to have lots of fun in the Lower School so on your monthly calendar you’ll find ‘events and occasions’ where we will let you know of any special activities that will be happening. Our first occasion will be the Eid El Adha celebration and we will let you know a little nearer the time of what you will need to do. Parents are invited to the celebration, so book an afternoon off work!

The end of October sees Halloween. As it is very close to Eid this year, we will be having some Halloween fun very early on in November, so start to get those costumes ready  We will be sending a letter to you for these events so you know the timing and what you can do!

Outdoor Education

As you can see from our calendar, we have already set the dates for our trips out of school. We will shortly be letting you know where the children will be going along with other information about the days out.


We will be working on a provisional timetable for the first few weeks, so you will not be receiving your son/daughters set schedule straight away. Below; however is a table informing you of when your son/daughter will be having PE so that they may come to school wearing their PE uniform.




KG1 A / C / E


KG1 B / D / FND


KG2 A / B /C / D / E /  REC





The administration is strict on children wearing the correct uniform. Please make sure that you purchase the uniform that you need, AND CLEARLY NAME EACH PIECE OF CLOTHING.

We kindly ask that girls come to school with their hair tied back, and, as Miss Saneya mentioned in the meeting on the first day, boys must have an appropriate length of hair, short.


Spare Clothes

Please send a full set of clothes for your child (the clothes do not have to be school uniform-weather appropriate only). These spare clothes will be kept in your son/daughters basket at school for any little accidents that may occur.


Lesson Timing

Lessons begin at 8:00am sharp. If your child arrives to school using private transportation, please make sure that he/she arrives before 8:00am.

School finishes at 2:30pm. If your child uses private transportation, please make sure you or your driver is at school ready to pick your child up from the holding room (assembly area). The holding room closes at 2:45pm. If, for any reason, you arrive later than 2:45pm, your child may be picked up from the Primary School holding area.


We are unable to administer any medicine at school apart from antibiotics. If your child is taking a course of antibiotics, you must bring the medicine to school and give it to the school doctor who will give it to your child at the correct time.


Your son/daughters books are available from school. Please purchase them as quickly as possible as we will be starting work in them as soon as we can. Please make sure that you put your child’s NAME and CLASS on the cover of the book and cover them in clear plastic.


Link book

Your child has a link book that goes between school and home each day. Letters will be sent to you inside the link book so please check it daily. We will write the homework your child has in it also. Every month your child will receive a little report that will tell you how he/she is doing in English, maths Arabic and behaviour wise. The report is displayed in the back of your link book.

At certain times of the month you may be required to send money (for trips / lunches etc). Please do so by putting the money in an envelope with your child’s name and class clearly written on it and staple it into the Link book, and send us a note to let us know it’s there.


School Lunches and packed lunches

We will send you a four weekly menu and advise you of the fee for the month. Please send a packed breakfast for your child everyday and extra food/drink if he/she is not having school lunches. The first few days are usually quite stressful for the children, and a lot of times they do tend not to want to eat due to the fact that they are in a new environment and around new people. We always encourage children to eat, and full supervision is given, however; we do not force feed the children.

We kindly ask that you send appropriate food for your son/daughter to eat. The food in your child’s lunch box needs to be food that can be both eaten independently and quickly. We suggest bread rolls, fresh fruit and vegetables rather than noodles and cornflakes L Please do not send any drinks in glass bottles for obvious safety reasons.


Extra Curricular Activities

You will shortly be receiving a letter informing you of all the clubs that are on offer for your children. We ask you to fill it in straight away and send it to school as the clubs tend to get full quickly.

Again, on behalf of everyone working with your son or daughter, we wish you all a fantastic fun year at the Lower School.


Below is a list of things that we would like you to send to school with your child. These things will be kept at school and are for both the class and art room. Please name the things you send.


KG2 Stationery

KG1 stationery

2 A3 Canson white paper sketch pad

2 A3 Canson coloured paper sketch pad

2 Pritt glue stick

1 set of pencil crayons (no flo-masters  please

2 lead pencils (triangular grip)

2 whiteboard markers

1 whiteboard *

1 Pair of scissors

1 Apron

1 Plastic file with press-stud closing.

2 A3 Canson white paper sketch pad

2 A3 Canson coloured paper sketch pa

2 Pritt glue sticks

1 set of 18 Jovi colours (triangular grip)   thick wax crayons

2 lead pencils (triangular grip)

2 whiteboard markers

1 whiteboard *

1 Pair of scissors

1 Apron

 Please make sure that the whiteboard that you send with your child is SAFE. The corners should NOT be removable.