CIS Primary School

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The Continental School of Cairo provides a stimulating environment that inspires and motivates students in their academic, sporting and cultural development. A creative cross-curricular approach is underpinned by a structured framework for teaching English, Mathematics and Science. A strong pastoral system nurtures positive relationships; promoting an ethos that values and celebrates students as individuals while fostering a strong sense of community. We look forward to welcoming you to our school. 
Building on strong foundations


The transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 presents students with exciting new challenges. The school day becomes more formally structured and students are encouraged to take on new responsibilities as they work towards becoming independent learners. The primary School’s warm and caring environment facilitates a holistic approach to learning that provides students with a wide range of opportunities to guide their academic, personal, social and physical development.

All teachers (class and specialist) and those in learning support, work creatively to capture the interest of boys and girls and to make their learning personalised, enjoyable and meaningful. A range of contemporary teaching strategies are employed. The British National Curriculum provides the basis for the programmes of study but these are enhanced and enriched to reflect the calibre of our students and the school’s international setting. In addition to the National Curriculum subjects, the students have weekly French, Arabic and religious lessons from the start of Year 1.

We encourage students to participate in the extensive range of co-curricular activities. All students are encouraged to play sports and can choose from the many opportunities that are available.

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Building group identity
We understand the value young people place on group membership. We ensure students are well integrated into their classes and encouraged to be part of a wide group of friends. 
To promote year group identity, students experience learning in large shared spaces that feature computers and comfortable reading areas and are imaginatively transformed each term into a range of settings. 

Towards self management
Opportunities abound in the primary School to build leadership skills and an appreciation of the many cultures that exist in Egypt. Themed assemblies celebrate cultural festivals and reinforce the importance of self management and personal and social responsibility.