What's new this academic year

School Activities

Mr. Hassan, who is our school activities supervisor and trips coordinator, is working closely with our staff to make sure the children have plenty of fun both in and out of school. Educational trips to enhance what children are learning in class and general trips which include weekends away camping, are being arranged.

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Activities in school will be fun for the children, and we are planning such events as a ‘healthy lifestyle week’ and our annual Halloween fun. Dates and destinatins will be announced on the "News section" of our website.

The Green Team!

The Continental International School is going to try hard to make a difference in the environment. This year we will be talking to the children about the environment and how they can help preserve it. We will be asking for student volunteers who would like to make their own contribution to this cause by promoting awareness of the environment, to join our GREEN TEAM!   Mr. Ian will be arranging some great things for the children on this subject, along with Mr. Perry, the music teacher, who has some great environmental songs ready for the children to learn. If you as a parent have some spare time and would like to help out with the Green Teams' antics, you may contact Ms. Kirstie either at school or through your son's/daughter's linkbook. We would love to have you on board!    

School Council

Students from year 4 upwards will be asked to vote for a member of their class to represent them. Students elected will have meetings with the head of department to put forward any wishes, ideas and views. Candidates will also be coached on campaigning ideas, including making their own posters. We look forward to meeting with our elected student councilors.

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There have been making changes in the school curriculum over the summer holiday and we are very excited to introduce the new syllabus to your children. This year, expect your child to be working deeply with the idea of cross curricular learning. This means that we have adopted a theme, and within that theme, we explore English, Maths, Science, Geography, Art and ICT links that are relevant to it. This will add interest and relevance to the work that the students are doing. At the same time, the students will be continuing to progress through the English and Maths schemes to further their understanding in these key subjects. 

Class Library

This year we are lucky enough to have a wide range of books in each classroom that will support the topics that the children will study. We will be encouraging your son/daughter to borrow these books regularly to look at, at home and it would be great for you also to take an interest with your child in these informative books. Please encourage your child to take care of these books, and make sure that they arrive back to us in the same condition as they came to you. Losses and damages to books will have to be paid for!

School Library

Our new electronic library has fabulous computers inside where a student can log in, read books, make comments on them and have FUN! We look forward to using this new idea and we are sure that the children will benefit tremendously.