Message from the Head of Secondary

The Continental International school is a vibrant, well-equipped place of learning where our students can stretch themselves intellectually and develop a true love of learning whilst simultaneously developing the key character traits and ethics which will enable them to succeed in the wider world that awaits them as they mature. From the first day that the school opened its doors we have been determined to offer the very best educational opportunities for our students, within a school community which holds core values such as honesty, discipline, enjoyment of working well, celebration of achievement and friendship as crucial elements in our lives.     

Within the Senior School we have a programme of study which grows with the students as they progress towards their IGCSEs and prepare for University. As well as studies in Modern Languages, Social Studies, Religion and Arabic, the students undertake an intensive programme of study from Cambridge Checkpoint in three core subjects: English, Science and Mathematics. This programme was chosen both for its excellence and for the fact that it has proved to be the best preparation for the obligatory IGCSE examinations which commence in Year 9.  

Of course, subjects such as Music and Art, ICT and Physical Education are also taken alongside the more ‘academic’ subjects; our aim is to help each student develop a well-rounded sense of self with a balanced approach to school life.   More details of each part of the curriculum can be found on this section of the website. I hope you find the information helpful – there are also a number of links to other websites which may be helpful.  

Marwa Elmeligy

Senior School Head