About the Continental Language School (CLS)


The CLS is a co-educational language school that follows the Egyptian National Curriculum but the medium of instruction is English. Apart from Arabic, Religious Studies and French, all other subjects are taught in English with foreign members of staff teaching Literacy.

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum which includes daily literacy and numeracy lessons, ensuring the children have a good grounding in these areas. In module lessons, the students study a variety of exciting science, history and geography topics designed to stimulate the student’s natural interest and curiosity.

The School is fully accredited and licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 22 to allow teachers to give individual attention to students. In the Prep department classes can range from 10-20 students.

The CLS has maintained its position at the forefront of children’s education since its inception in 2000 and has established and maintained ethics and academic standards of the highest level.

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