The Pre School

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Pre-school is considered the basis of education and the foundation stone for future learning. Multiple studies have shown that children who attend pre-school display better social and communication skills and achieve better academically in future years compared with childrn who do not go through pre-school classes.

Our pre-school  accepts children from the age of  2 years and 6 months. Our prime objective in pre-school is the development of social, communication, intellectual and motor skills through a variety of creative, fun and structured activities. Activities are planned so that they stimulate children's senses, develop self awareness and confidence, improve interaction with others and encourage the development of language. Teachers stimulate the children through story, music, singing, art & craft, games and a variety of imaginative play including sand, water, and clay.

The development of gross and fine motor skills is also an important aspect of our work in pre-school as the development of these skills is necessary before more advance skills are introduced in later years. Gross-motor skills are developed through the use of indoor and playground apparatus. All available apparatus is as large as possible so that children can learn to play with confidence. To develop fine motor skills, children are encouraged to do activities such as thread beads, manipulate play dough, cut, paste and colour in addition to various other activities. As the year progresses, children gradually build up their self-confidence and their abilities develop and improve.
Entry into school for the first time is an important event in a child’s life and one which we aim to make as happy and satisfying as possible. 

Working in the pre-school, children gradually show self-confidence and perform with greater speed and accuracy. They are allowed to experience activities and explore materials which develop fine manual, perceptual, oral and literacy skills necessary for progression into the lower school.

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