Primary School




After the child’s many and varied experiences in the lower school, the young student continues through the successive stages of social, emotional, physical and academic development towards readiness for higher scholastic levels in the Primary School.

The Primary School starts with Year 1, which pupils normally join when they are 5.6 years old, and continues until Year 6. Throughout primary education years, teachers take into account the holistic nature of early learning experiences and recognise that the education of the whole pupil, at this stage, can do much to facilitate future progress. The class teacher will build on the child’s strengths and assist with any weaknesses, as the teacher will have a thorough understanding of the child as an individual. This creates the firm foundation which is necessary for pupils to cope with the progressively more advanced work throughout the Primary School and beyond. 


Preparatory School

After completing the Primary School successfully, students are ready for the more mature learning environment provided in the Prep School. In the Preparatory School, the process of learning is different and the programme of work takes on a more concentrated approach. Throughout their studies, students are continuously assessed, their progress closely monitored, and studies take on a more formal approach. Students are increasingly taught to be independent and self-reliant. Specialist subject teachers prepare students for a variety of future examinations leading to National and international certificates.