Entry Procedure

  • Parents are interviewed with the child by the school Principal by prior appointment.
  • The child is assessed by specialist staff as appropriate. 
  • Entry is based on the result of assessment and the availability of places.
  • If a child is accepted and a place can be offered, an application form is completed and submitted with the registration fees. 
  • No place can be reserved without the payment of the registration fees.
  • If a place is not immediately available, the child’s name will be placed on a waiting list.
  • A formal acceptance letter will be issued and parents will be advised of the entry date.
  • School fees are payable before a pupil is enrolled. 

School policy on admissions

Because of the special nature of the CSC, only a limited number of pupils may be admitted each year. This policy ensures that every child receives proper and personal care and attention from the class teacher.

It also allows us to develop and monitor the progress of every child accurately and individually. Although we realise that there is considerable demand for this type of "Specialised Education", no pupils more than what the CSC can effectively cope with are admitted.

We must stress that the CSC is not a commercial venture. It is merely a service to society by people who have first hand experience of educational difficulties