The Continental School of Cairo is a British style Special Education School which follows the British National Curriculum and the medium of instruction is English. The school is recognised and licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and. The CSC is also authorized by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) to prepare students with special educational needs for the IGCSE examinations under the auspices of the British Council in Cairo. 

Today, the CSC is a truly international community with children representing several nationalities. The school is open to boys and girls of all nationalities and beliefs from the age of 4 years upward.

We firmly believe that the full potential of children with learning difficulties cannot be released in a regular school that follows a standard curriculum under typical classroom conditions, so our pupils are treated as individuals and work in small groups. 
The Theme of the CSC is “Caring". We care about our pupils and we teach them to care about the school and each other. 

The CSC, wherever possible, will attempt to meet the demand of parents whose children require special education in the following categories: 

- Mild to moderate learning difficulties
- Specific Learning Difficulties
- Mild to moderate Autism
- Dyslexia
- Hearing deficiency
- Speech deficiency
- Slow Learners
- Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

The CSC will also consider applications from parents whose children have other learning difficulties, subject to an entry assessment.



There are no more than 10 pupils in any classroom. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and informal yet disciplined. Every classroom is assigned to a qualified specialist teacher. Every teacher in the Junior School is assisted by a full time teacher aide. Inside each classroom, children are divided into small working groups. The presence of two full time teaching staff in each classroom will ensure that every pupil receives the most appropriate level of instruction.

Classrooms are equipped with all necessary teaching materials, a small library which children are encouraged to use in addition to other audio-visual equipment. Children in the Junior School are supplied with all books, writing and colouring materials, notebooks and other items required in the course of each day's work.