A Message from the Head teacher

The Continental School of Cairo (CSC) is a Special Education School for children who find it difficult to keep pace within the normal school environment. It was specifically set up to meet the needs of slow learners and children with learning difficulties.

The Idea

Every school has a reason for its existence and the CSC owes it existence to a dream. However, the dream was brought about by reality and first hand experience of one who is treading the path and understands the hopes, the fears and the problems of each caring parent and every needy child that ventures through its doors.

Here we aim to reach an ideal environment and give your child ample opportunity to develop according to his / her ability, in small classes under the guidance of caring teachers.


Our Aims

The Continental School of Cairo has specific aims through which we shall maintain high standards:

  • To provide a caring, happy and stimulating learning environment.
  • To develop a child's full potential academically, socially and physically.
  • To teach the skills necessary to equip our students to become independent members of society.
  • Finally, we intend to send our children into adult life with self esteem, self confidence, self respect and a sense of responsibility towards others.

Growing up is a matter of getting to know oneself and having the confidence to be oneself. It is the job of the teacher to foster these developments, especially where there is a special need, with extra help and encouragement and to guide children towards the goal of personal fulfillment.

Here at the Continental School of Cairo, your child will be given that opportunity.

Mrs. Maey Elnimer

Deputy Principal