Speech & Hearing Therapy

The school has a fully equipped speech and hearing centre operated by full time Speech Therapists. Children who require speech or hearing therapy will be seen by the Speech Therapists for as long as necessary and as often as necessary until an improvement is achieved.

Occupational Therapy

Children with underdeveloped fine motor skills are seen by the occupational therapist regularly.

Child Psychologist

The school’s full time psychologists are available for diagnostic analysis, assessment of pupils and parental counselling.



The school has full time qualified physiotherapists and a state of the art physiotherapy centre to assist children with mobility difficulties. It must be noted that the school is not a medical facility and therefore our physiotherapy sessions are limited to assisting children in improving posture, movement and coordination.


In some cases we are able to help children with vision difficulties through our Braille specialists.

The school is fully equipped with a very wide range of materials, equipment, appliances, teaching aids and other resources to support and supplement the teaching process of children. The variety of resources available to teachers include, left handed scissors, special pencil grips, special reading frames with coloured slides to facilitate reading for dyslexic children, sensory boxes, books with extra large letters that can be felt and traced by fingers, a huge selection of flash cards on almost any topic, puzzles, counters, sound tracks, audio tapes, hearing aids, games, computer software, video tapes, musical instruments, and many other resources to stimulate the child and help in overcoming specific difficulties.