The programme of study

The programme of study has been developed to accommodate a wide range of abilities and backgrounds. A very favourable teacher/student ratio allows for the type of individual attention necessary for mixed ability teaching. The Curriculum is structured on British lines and incorporates an ongoing review process which constantly leads to research, discussion and changes, with the maintenance of high standards.

Many areas of work are integrated in such a way that they overlap logically and effectively. While the school generally maintains an excellent 6:1 pupil/teacher ratio in the classroom, the class teacher will arrange a more appropriate ratio whenever required. For children who require more support and closer attention, 1:1 education is provided.

The development of language skills plays a prominent role in all subjects. Communication is the key to social integration for the children in our school. Emphasis is put on oral fluency which is achieved through a variety of activities. This eventually leads to reading, writing and number work. For children joining the Continental School of Cairo with little or no English, the primary objective will be the development of the English language skills.

A Hidden Curriculum is built into the main curriculum. Through the hidden curriculum, children learn and acquire new skills and abilities. For example, play times are used to teach children social behaviour, co-operation with others and team work. Similarly, children learn table manners, sharing and independence at meal times.


The British National Curriculum Requirements
The revised British National Curriculum provides teachers with much greater flexibility to respond to the needs of pupils with identified special educational needs. The programme of study in the Junior School of the CSC will, as far as possible, meet the requirements of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the British National Curriculum.

A comprehensive range of subjects will be offered in the curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on the three core subjects as presented in the British National Curriculum in addition to seven other subjects. The following information is merely an outline of the school's curriculum.

Core Subjects:

English - Mathematics- Science

Additional Subjects:

History - Geography - Music - Arabic - Computer Studies - Art & Craft - Physical Education

Non Academic Sessions (where required):

Independent Living Skills - Social Skills