Health & Safety

We endeavour to provide an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all our students. If you have questions or comments about issues of health and safety, please contact the School Director or school Principal. We take all comments and suggestions concerning health and safety very seriously.
Evacuation Procedures
Fire notices are posted in all classrooms. There is a fire and evacuation drill each term and the process is reviewed regularly.
Security Guards
The school employs 25 security personel who provide 24-hour security protection. The security guards also provide traffic control and pedestrian crossing patrol. All visitors to the school campus must report to the security office at the main gate where they will be asked for a valid identification and issued with a "Visitor Pass". The visitor pass must be worn by the visitor throughout the visit. Visitors must then report to the school adminstration building before they can visit any school facility. New visitors may not wander around the campus unescorted.

Parents, once they are known to our security guards, are allowed access to the school campus.

All parents are reminded that the security procedures exist at the school for the safety of all. Security Guards are unable to exercise flexibility and any failure to adhere to the procedures could result in a visitor being refused access to the school premises. Please cooperate with the security guards and remember they are enforcing the safety and security rules for the safety of your children.

To encourage independence of our students, domestic helpers / drivers may not wait inside the school premises during school hours without permission.
The school has Group Personal Accident coverage for all students and staff and Public Liability, Fire, Consequential Loss and Burglary coverage for the school. The school also has insurance coverage for all school trips involving students.
The entire school campus is a designated smoke-free zone. Parents are requested to refrain from smoking inside the school campus.
Our campus is equipped with 64 close circuit television cameras (CCTV) to ensure the safety of our school community. The system covers all entry and exit points as well as a number of key areas.

School Doctor & Nurse

The school has a full time qualified doctor to look after our students and advises us on medical and health issues. There is also a full time school nurse in the school clinic to respond to minor incidents and administer general first aid. If your child feels unwell during the school day, he/she will be seen by the school nurse or doctor and if we contact you to come and take your child, please do so immediately. If your child is sick, has a fever or runny nose, please keep him at home until he recovers fully. When the Ministry of Health is running an immunisation campaign for school children, we always seek parents’ approval first.


We always maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness throughout the school. We wish to assure you that at school, we are doing everything possible to minimise the risk of infection. We do not have overcrowding in our classrooms and all classrooms are properly ventilated and sanitised daily. All children will be taught (and reminded often) about the importance of personal hygiene and to wash their hands often with soap and water while at school. Isolating sick children is only one measure of combating  the spread of infection, but we also aim to prevent infection from outbreaking at school in the first place. We check younger children for head lice regularly and we expect parents to act swiftly if head lice is detected.


If your child needs to take medication during the school day, please consult with your own doctor to change the timing so the dose is taken when the child is at home. As a rule, the school cannot give medication to children who are not old enough to do so themselves. In some cases, particularly with younger children, the school doctor may be able to help with giving medication, but parents must discuss this first with the head of school.
If your child is allergic to a particular food or on a special diet we do try to help, but please bear in mind that with a school of approximately 1000 students it is not possible to monitor what every child eats at all times.