Drama at the Continental School

Drama is a unique and popular subject at the CSC both as an academic option and as an extracurricular activity. Engagement in drama is essential as part of an arts-rich curriculum that every pupil has a right to experience.

Through Drama, pupils become familiar with the culture and conventions of theatre and learn to exercise critical judgement when making, performing and responding to a range of styles and genres.

Drama is delivered once a week to all key stage classes. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to invent and imagine stories old and new, through a range of dramatic techniques, which gives them increased confidence in a range of performance-based situations. Students are given the opportunity to enhance their speaking and listening skills in a challenging, creative and exciting way.

Analysis of plays and performances also gives pupils the chance to critique and voice their own opinions in an encouraging and controlled manner. This also allows students to be able to understand the complex levels involved in stories and to convey their meaning to an audience.

It is also important to recognise that Drama continues to play an important role in the key stage 3 English curriculum and that progress in Drama supports progress in English.

Overall, Drama is a valuable experience and crucial element of the curriculum to give our students the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary for the future. This year, we will be presenting a whole school production.