Rewards and Sanctions

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 At the Continental School of Cairo we believe that rewards are more effective than sanctions. Alongside a strong curriculum, we recognise that positive reinforcement is the most effective behaviour management strategy and that rewards form a significant part of that. Our reinforcement is consistently delivered, timely, age-appropriate and contingent on behaviour.

Our rewards are social, natural and direct, meaning students follow our rules because they understand the benefits for themselves and the school community. These intangible rewards are the strongest pastoral tools we have and are central to our aim of instilling values such as self reliance, co-operation, honesty and productivity.

In practice this means students are rewarded through praise and affirmation, normally delivered immediately for best effect. Direct rewards mean students gain a benefit from correct behaviour, such as provision of Golden Time. Social rewards are self fulfilling, as when students are encouraged to be constructive members of our community they are naturally accepted and enjoy the security of a strong sense of belonging.

Tangible rewards such as stickers and certificates are also often used, though not usually sweets or toys, as on most occasions we consider this inappropriate and counter productive in the school environment.

Further tangible rewards in the form of House Points are awarded by teachers on a daily basis and are totalled weekly for announcement in Year group assemblies. Certificates are also awarded for certain milestones achieved by individuals in the accumulation of House Points.